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RiverWare may be installed in regular or Viewer mode. The install programs for both are identical; a license file is required for either. A regular, full-featured install requires a RiverWare program license, while Viewer mode requires a RiverWare Viewer license. Please see these pages for more information on Viewer mode.
Current RiverWare Releases (available for Windows 10 and later)
RiverWare Installation and License Guides
Version Release Date Architecture Notes
  9.2.5 Apr 16, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.2.4 Mar 21, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.2.3 Mar 04, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.2.2 Feb 15, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.2.1 Jan 29, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.2 Jan 09, 2024 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
RiverWare help system
  9.1.3 Sep 27, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.1.2 Aug 28, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.1.1 Aug 17, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.1 Jul 13, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
RiverWare help system
  9.0.5 Jun 05, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.0.4 Mar 20, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.0.3 Feb 15, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.0.2 Feb 09, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.0.1 Jan 25, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  9.0 Jan 12, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
RiverWare help system
  8.5.6 Jan 11, 2023 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  8.5.5 Nov 29, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  8.5.4 Oct 04, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  8.5.3 Sep 20, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
  8.5.2 Aug 31, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes (txt)
  8.5.1 Jul 26, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes (txt)
  8.5 Jul 07, 2022 x64 (64-bit)** Release notes
RiverWare help system
**A password is required for downloading these RiverWare releases. Please contact
Download previous/older versions of RiverWare HERE.
RiverWare Release Policy
View the RiverWare Release Policy
RiverWare Terms of Use
View the RiverWare License Agreement
Supporting Applications and Libraries
Name Version Information
RiverSMART Software Suite Version 9.2.5 Release Notes
  Version 9.2.4 Release Notes
  Version 9.2.3 Release Notes
  Version 9.2.2 Release Notes
  Version 9.2.1 Release Notes
  Version 9.2 Release Notes
RiverSMART Help
  Version 9.1.3 Release Notes
  Version 9.1.2 Release Notes
  Version 9.1.1 Release Notes
  Version 9.1 Release Notes
RiverSMART Help
Video demo & User Guide
  Version 9.0.5 Release Notes
  Version 9.0.4 Release Notes
  Version 9.0.3 Release Notes
  Version 9.0.2 Release Notes
  Version 9.0.1 Release Notes
  Version 9.0 Release Notes
RiverSMART Help
Video demo & User Guide
  NOTE: In versions 9.0 and later, RiverSMART is bundled in the RiverWare installation. Install RiverWare using the above links and RiverSMART will be installed as well.
  Download previous versions of RiverSMART HERE.
RiverWare Dongle Driver GUI-based Installer (zip)
Command-line Installer (zip)
HEC-RTS and CWMS RiverWare Plugin Version 2.0 (zip) User Guide (pdf)
Release Notes (pdf)
Video Training Module

This plugin allows RiverWare to be used in the HEC Real Time Simulation (RTS) system and Corps Water Management System (CWMS) by including RiverWare functionality in the Control And Visualization Interface (CAVI).
For version 2.0, the CWMS and HEC-RTS plugins were combined. If necessary, access previous versions HERE.

HEC-WAT (Watershed Analysis Tool) RiverWare Plugin Version 1.2 (zip) User Guide (pdf)
Release Notes (pdf)
  Version 1.1 (zip) User Guide (pdf)
Release Notes (pdf)
  Version 1.0 (zip) User Guide (pdf)
Release Notes (pdf)
GPAT Version 3.2.3 (zip) Readme (pdf)
Rdf Annualizer Version 1.0 (zip) Readme (txt)
  Version 1.1 (zip) Readme (txt)
RdfToExcel Version. 1.2 (zip) Readme (txt)
  Version 1.3 (zip) Readme (txt)
Yearly Aggregate Post-processor Version 1.0 (zip) Readme (pdf)
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