Released February 15, 2024
RiverWare Issues
   The following issues were addressed:
6942: The Unit Power Table method led to an infinite loop in optimization. Now, an error is issued at the start of optimization if the Unit Power Table method is selected on a power reservoir. This method is currently not supported in optimization.

The Window Layout Manager could not re-open certain rules due to certain characters (such as commas) in the rule or RPL item name. Now these characters are supported, but you will need to edit and re-save your window layouts that contain these RPL items.

6955: The RdfToExcelExecutable.exe included with RiverWare crashed when there were multiple slot types in the RDF file.
6956: A crash occurred in the Ensemble Data Tool when visualizing a slot from a deleted slot group. Now, slot groups can no longer be deleted from Ensemble Data Sets.
6958: Values written to output CSV files, either from the MRM controller or through the output manager, were hard coded to 6 digits, leading to rounding for large values. Now, the user display format and precision is used.
6961: The String unit type could appear in the Unit Scheme Manager.
6965: The Raise Diagnostics functionality for RPL statements caused RCL batch mode runs to fail.
6967: The DMI Invocation Manager was slow or non-responsive if there were many records.