Released August 17, 2023
Web Map View Server
The Web Map View shows map tiles provided by a third-party web service. In this patch, the server used by RiverWare was changed to a different service. The maps have a slightly different look and feel than the previous version. In addition, a "Clear Cache" button was added to the Web Map canvas configuration window. Use this button to clear downloaded map tiles and start using the new maps. This change addresses issue 6887: "The Web Map View was not updating with new map images".
Failure Code During Batch Mode
In some specific cases, RiverWare issued a failure exit code when run in batch mode on a remote computer. This issue has been addressed, and the failure exit code is no longer issued.
RiverWare Issues
The following issues were addressed:
6882: Plotting a table slot gave unnecessary options for 3D curves.
6884: When printing, exporting, or copying a plot, options were not clear for all plots versus selected plots.
6886: Script Variables were applied incorrectly when executing the script from a subscript action.
6887: The Web Map View was not updating with new map images. See above.
6889: The Analyze Ensemble Data Set Window showed incorrect settings for script dependencies.
6891: A crash could occur in the Script Editor.
6892: Synchronized scrolling on the Edit Account window was not working when scrolling in other windows.
6893: In some circumstances, STOP_RUN statements were not executed correctly.
6901: In the Object Viewer using certain object tab ordering settings, an incorrect warning was shown when selecting a new tab.