Released February 9, 2023
Inline Power Turbine and Bypass Optimization Constraints
In RiverWare Optimization, for the Inline Power object, previously Outflow was the only defined slot for the physical defining constraint "Outflow equals Turbine Release plus Bypass." In some cases, Turbine Release and Bypass were linked separately downstream and therefore, this defining constraint never got added. Then, the mass balance constraint for the Inline Power object also never got added. Now all three slots are added as defined slots for this constraint.
RiverWare Issues
The following issues were addressed in RiverWare:
6783: The Distributed MRM option to directly assign RiverWare instances to processors did not previously support multiple processor groups and was previously limited to 32 processors.
6825: The Interpolate menu was not working on table slots.
6829: The Quick Start dialog did not show the patch version number.
6830: The Web Map View could lose extents on configuration. For a given model, the web map view canvas configuration dialog behaved correctly the first time it was shown, but subsequent opens of the dialog were initialized incorrectly.
6832: In the Web Map View, cluster object positions were not saved correctly.
RiverSMART Issues
The following issues were addressed in RiverSMART:
6463: RiverSMART did not update the Excel worksheet name in an Excel dataset configuration.
6587: An equal sign in an event name caused problem with output folders and RCL scripts.
6771: RiverSMART created an invalid RCL script.